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Ignite your Soul

Horses are much more sophisticated creatures than people give them credit for.  Horses teach humans body-centered awareness.  They are willing to be with us and share sensitive emotional states that can be really challenging to experience with other people. 


In this 1:1 equine guided experiential learning program you will build a new relationship with yourself and begin to enjoy a sense of personal empowerment.  Learning how to identify your emotional state and respond appropriately will not only help you on a personal level but will also help improve your relationship with others. Other beautiful transformative lessons you will experience while working with horses

Learn self-awareness through the MIND - BODY - SOUL Method

Own your personal power & communicate more directly.

Release perfectionism.

Transform fear into willingness.

Release old emotions.

Reclaim your ability to feel your feelings.

Create strong and clear boundaries.

Free energy you are using to hold shame & guilt

Find your authentic expression and discover what is possible when horses are the teachers.



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