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A Return to the Feminine 


Regardless of gender or sexual orientation, each person has masculine and feminine energies.  A rising observation that we are facing in our world is that these two energies are badly out of balance.  In recent years through this kind of work with horses, I have noticed how horses have stepped forward to help us address this imbalance.

Horses symbolize feminine values and help us restore softness, connection, intuition, listening and responding to all emotions allowing us to go with the flow of life rather than against it.  They are grounded and connected to nature and its rhythms and lead the way in prioritizing connection and relationship over tasks, goals and achievement.

We have experienced a huge mind - body split which has resulted in increased physical and mental illness as well as addictions.  It takes a lot of courage to have an open heart and horses will lead us through if we trust their intelligence.

If you are being called to rebalance feminine and masculine energies, tap into your divine feminine and return to a heart-based approach to life and relationships then this program is perfect for you.

Inquire for 1:1 or small group options.

Know the yang, keep to the yin

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