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Improve mental health, emotional health and overall well-being through meaningful interactions with horses.

Equine Facilitated Learning is an experiential learning program that facilitates personal development and improved mental health and wellness.  Working alongside the horse you will experience the most meaningful and unique personal growth opportunities such as mindfulness, communication, relationship development and improved self-esteem.  

Interactions with horses naturally and effectively help reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, grief, addiction related behaviours and other mental health conditions. Horses are incredibly perceptive and mindful and spend most of their time in n0n-verbal communication.  Their ability to read energy and intent makes them an incredible and effective teacher.  

So, why horses?  Horses are completely present in the moment.  Through their body language they express exactly what they are experiencing.  Horses embody authentic power, trust their instincts, and operate from a place of genuine grace.  Interactions with horses change the way we see ourselves.  They teach us to become physically, mentally and emotionally aware of ourselves as well those around us.  

Horses scan and sense any incongruity in their environment.  Their safety and survival  depend on their heightened awareness to their surroundings.  Their ability to operate in this heightened level of awareness while staying relaxed is an incredible skill that is so valuable for us to learn.  

This incredible equine facilitated learning program is a special blend of life coaching and partnering with horses to help you reach greater levels of awareness.  This program will help you learn more about yourself, develop relationship skills, and improve your communication skills in a non-judgmental and safe environment.  Through a heart centered Body - Mind - Spirit method you grow as a person and improve your awareness and ability to respond appropriately to challenges.


1:1 Coaching

Ignite your Soul.  Discover a new way of being through horse human relationships.


Women's Groups

Real sustainable change comes when you discover the answers for yourself.



Skills development program for executives, professionals and teams.

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