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Know the yang, keep to the yin

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Have you been feeling a longing inside, as though something was missing?  Perhaps you are feeling hardened and a little burnt out.  After years of giving to others and wearing many different hats you find yourself desiring connection, to be seen and to live with an open heart.  You feel the deep call of the feminine.  But what does that even mean? 

Feminine essence is one of the most powerful and attractive things about us.  It is our unique self-expression, our magnetism.   If your heart is aching for love and you desire to live with an open heart this program will ignite your feminine essence.  And if you are at all  concerned about this, you do not have to lose your independent side and all that you worked hard to build.

When was the last time you felt safe to fully express yourself?  

If you are being called to rebalance your feminine and masculine energies, bring forth your powerful feminine core essence and harmonize your feminine/masculine this program will be a perfect fit to tap into your divine feminine and return to a heart-based approach to life and relationships.

Over six weeks in this live on line women's group program you will discover new ways to liberate yourself through love and aliveness of your body and heart.  You will explore new ways and rituals to bring forth your gifts to your life, your relationships, and your career or heart's work without sacrificing your energy and essence.

Transform - Awaken - Embody.  Register below now!

Week 1 - Presence & awareness

Week 2 - Feminine essence & flow

Week 3 - Connection & deepening into the Feminine

Week 4 - How to become magnetic

Week 5 - Heart open & receiving

Week 6 - Feminine rituals


Week online live program at a glance


Program begins July 29 @ 11 am PST

Who Are We
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